Privacy Policy

Last updated 9/14/2018

Privacy is critical to us and we develop conservatively with privacy in mind.

User data is not shared with third parties under any circumstances.

The site will never show ads.

With the exception of payment buttons on the payment page, the site does not serve third-party content.

If there is a privacy breach, we will disclose it as soon as possible by email.

If you spot a privacy leak, please report it discreetly to

Please do not store truly sensitive information on Nominal.


We are a small business based in the US. That said, we believe we are GDPR compliant, and have put a good faith effort into being as privacy conscious as possible. This includes only collecting necessary personal information (name and email), and providing data export and account deletion features in the site.

Account Deletion

When you delete your account, your user details, all content and meta data are deleted from production databases immediately. However, some data may be retained for legal, financial, or security reasons. These include:

  • Payment info (receipts and invoices) are stored for 3 years - these may contain your name and/or email. Card and/or bank details are processed by Stripe, and are never stored on Nominal servers (or even visible to the site)
  • Data backups - this contains all of your content and user details and are used for data recovery in the case of an issue with the site. These rotate and all of your data on backup volumes will be permanently deleted within 30 days of account deletion. These are encrypted and are only accessible to the Nominal team.
  • Server and error logs - this may contain minor parts or incidental details from your account - typically only a user or content id, and not usually anything personally identifiable. These are not deleted routinely but require server access, which only the Nominal team accesses for debugging purposes.